Quality Control

We have a quality controlling team who visits factories on regular basis and when a new order goes in to production they are stationed in the factory on full time basis in order to ensure that the lines are well set and buyers’ quality standards are maintained. We do a TOP sample from the actual bulk materials and our quality controller thoroughly inspect this sample for its specifications and pass the same to the Merchandiser concern to double check on all the materials and other construction details, and then same goes to the hand of top Management and everybody sign off this sample with their approval or comments. We follow this procedure to ensure there is no mistake made in the product and if there is we find it early and take corrective measures. We conduct regular inline inspection at AQL 2.5 mostly and the report is distributed among everybody involve in the factory and in our Office. Accordingly we take necessary actions to ensure quality standards are always met. QC Auditors over look the quality controllers and held responsible for most of the quality issues and they report to the top management.

1. Ensures laboratory tests are done prior to bulk production of fabrics and upon arrival of fabrics at the factory warehouse.
2. Checks patterns prior to production.
3. Control of approval samples prior to sending buyer.
4. Identify risk factors in the production of garment and discuss these risk factors with the manufacturer to minimize problem in the production of goods.
5. Conduct production meeting with the production staff before launching bulk production to ensure that all comments given prior to production approval will be implemented in production and all possible problems are discussed and corrective measures are implemented during production.
6. Provide regular production status report.
7. Conduct quality control on the following stages of production based on international AQL standards required:

◈ Initial Production Control (IPC) – done at the time the manufacturer has initial output for all sizes and color.
◈ During Production Control (DUPRO) – done when the manufacturer output represent 30 to 50% of the contracted quantities. DUPRO may be done 3 to 4 times depending on the problems found in the production flow.
◈ Final Random Inspection (FRI) – done at the time the goods are completely packed in export cartons and packing lists is presented to inspection team prior to actual inspection of goods.