KLIM SOURCING LTD have been offering customized and reliable quality solutions exclusively to brands, retailers, and manufacturers of apparel and footwear products. Our staffs come from production background and participate in regular trainings to learn the latest international standards.With offer location Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh. KLIM SOURCING LTD staffed with professional to provide reliable inspection results based on facts, finding, test, requirements and knowledge of industry standard. KLIM SOURCING LTD have 10 years of experience in the field of textile and garment quality inspection, we offer customized and reliable solutions.


◈ Fabrics Inspection
◈ Incoming Materials Inspection
◈ Top of Production Inspection
◈ During Production Inspection
◈ Continuous Inline Inspection
◈ Final Random Inspection
◈ 100% Inspection
◈ Packaging, Packing and Loading Inspection
◈ Production Follow Up


◈ Support both flexible and structure quality workflow
◈ Key account approach and active personal follow Up
◈ Access to KLIM Link, an innovative IT platform to streamline quality processes.


◈ Reduces risk of rejection of a shipment
◈ Improves your factories’ over quality performance
◈ Demonstrates your strictest approach for product quality
◈ Measures the progress and identifies areas for continuous improvement
◈ Enhances transparency and visibility of production lines